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Fire Damage: Ice Blasting Services

8/30/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage In Your Indianapolis East Home

Fire and smoke damage can be devastating to commercial structures and homes. In times of disaster, SERVPRO of Indianapolis East is Here to Help! We have an advanced cleaning method that could be the solution for you and called ice blasting.

Ice Blasting

Ice blasting is the process of using dry ice to clean and restore your home or business. Dry ice blasting uses compressed air at supersonic speed. Ice blasting is the perfect solution for mitigating fire damage to the ceiling and rafters of your property. SERVPRO® of Indianapolis East will efficiently use this method in cases, including fire, smoke restoration, mold mitigation & remediation, and odor elimination. Ice blasting provides several benefits to you as a homeowner, including:

  • Thorough method: when removing soot and odor, ice blasting will get the affected areas prepped and ready for the next step of encapsulating.
  • Cleaning standards: ice basting is a higher standard of cleaning without toxins or residues left behind.
  • A quicker restoration process: instead of having 2 to 3 people wet wiping the affected area or dry sponging, ice blasting can expedite the cleaning process.

Fire Damage Restoration

SERVPRO® is the #1 industry leader and provider of fire and water cleanup and restoration services. For more information about our fire and water damage restoration services, please visit our website at SERVPRO of Indianapolis East. Give us a call today for fire and water damage restoration at 317-222-5068.

SERVPRO of Indianapolis East's innovative cleaning methods is another reason to choose our restoration and cleanup services

Summer Storm Damage to Your Property

8/29/2022 (Permalink)

A picture containing water damage inside a home and green dehumidifiers Storm damage cleanup and restoration professionals are here to help

Don’t leave your home or business to chance when thunderstorms, high winds, and showers hit. Severe storms can lead to extended power outages in your entire neighborhood. Power outages can be costly to homeowners and business owners. Call SERVPRO of Indianapolis East for help with storm damage restoration and clean-up. In the meantime, take the following steps to help protect yourself during a power outage.

The Impact of Power Outages:

  • Can disrupt communications, water, and transportation
  • Cause food spoilage and water contamination
  • Cause closures of commercial businesses, gas stations, ATMs, banks, and other services.

What to do during a Power Outage?

  • Keep refrigerators and freezers closed
  • When the lights go off, use a generator, but ONLY outdoors and away from the windows
  • If you need to heat your home, do not use a gas stove or oven to heat your home 
  • If anyone has medical equipment that requires electricity, get them to a place with working electricity or get them to help
  • Disconnect appliances and electronics to avoid damage from electrical surges

Storm Damage In Your Property 

SERVPRO of Indianapolis East specializes in clean-up and restoration for residential and commercial properties after a fire, water, or mold damage. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration, and we are an IICRC-certified firm.

Quick Response Around Indianapolis East

Our certified technicians respond immediately to your emergency and have the expertise to handle your restoration or cleaning needs. Give SERVPRO of Indianapolis East a call today at 317-222-5068. Our team provides 24-hour emergency service. When fire and water damage take control of your life, we can help you get it back.


Flash Flooding in Indianapolis

8/4/2022 (Permalink)

This image shows flooded waters covering the roadway. Flooded streets can be very dangerous. "Turn around don't drown."

A "flash flood" is a sudden local flood, usually due to heavy rainfall from thunderstorms. Flash floods come quickly and sometimes with little to no warning. Flash flooding can happen so fast that people are caught off guard. If you encounter high or fast-moving water while traveling, stop, "Turn Around, Don't Drown."

Am I safe from flooding if I live Downtown?

Many people live in downtown Indianapolis and should be aware of possible flash floods. Flooding can happen almost anywhere, even in urban areas, because of the impenetrable ground. The rainwater cannot soak into the ground due to the impervious nature of concrete and the lack of open soil in urban environments. Massive amounts of water run-off can then overwhelm the sewer systems. Sewers can quickly become clogged by debris resulting in the water to backup and then flood. If you're caught in a flash flood, stay safe and in your car, and use your emergency kit.

Some items your emergency kit may include:

  • Water- one gallon per person for at least three days.
  • Food- at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food.
  • Battery-powered or hand crank radio
  • Flashlight.
  • Extra batteries.
  • Candles.
  • Phone chargers.
  • Road flares.
  • Rain ponchos.
  • Tarp.
  • Wet wipes.
  • A whistle to signal for help.

Don't take a chance you may regret.

It's sometimes easy to underestimate the power and force of moving water. Just six inches of moving water can knock you down, and one foot of moving water can sweep away a vehicle. People can be caught in their cars and swept downstream, causing severe injuries and death. Although many of these drowning deaths yearly are due to careless drivers, they can be prevented. Too many people ignore and drive around barriers that warn them of flooded roadways. Even driving through standing water can be dangerous. If the water isn't moving or cannot sweep your car away, it can stall your engine, leaving you stranded and causing long-term damage to your vehicle. 

So, while I write this blog as content for our website, I also hope that by reading this, you will think twice next time you see a flooded roadway and turn around. Of course, it's best to take a few extra minutes and find an alternate route to your destination. So, remember to "Turn Around, Don't Drown," someone out there will be glad you did.

Commercial Restoration Services in Indianapolis

8/4/2022 (Permalink)

This is a picture of one of our SERVPRO semi trucks that is used in large-loss restoration. SERVPRO of Indianapolis East can handle any size disaster and make it "Like it never even happened."

Whether your business is a small retail store or a multi-building campus of buildings, SERVPRO of Indianapolis East has the expertise and the equipment to handle any fire, water, or mold emergency in central Indiana.

Commercial Mold Remediation

Mold is the result of a moisture problem that has usually been neglected. This can be the result of a leaky pipe that is hidden behind a wall or in a ceiling. Mold can also grow quickly when there has been water damage from the contaminated water, like a broken sewer pipe or flooding from a nearby river or stream. Contaminated water, also known as gray water or black water, can quickly promote mold growth in less than 24 hours. If not treated, it can quickly grow and cause not only property damage but potential health risks among inhabitants.

Commercial Fire Damage

Even the smallest of fires can result in extensive damage to a building. While the fire can be isolated and extinguished quickly, the smoke is the culprit of most damage after a fire. Smoke can get into the ductwork and quickly spread throughout the building. Hiring SERVPRO of Indianapolis East is the only clear choice with fire and smoke damage. We are professionals in the restoration industry and can quickly make your property "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Water Damage

Water damage can happen in many ways. In apartment complexes, there could be an overflowing bathtub or toilet that causes damage to the complex. A frozen pipe in a warehouse could burst and cause extensive damage. A burst pipe or a leaking roof in a manufacturing plant can shut down the production line causing huge losses. When these events happen, it's essential to call water damage professionals immediately to alleviate the damage. When hiring a water damage cleanup company, it's critical to ensure they have the expertise and equipment for such a large job.

Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup

Storms can be very damaging to a building or structure. They can cause water to leak from damaged roofs. They can cause fires to start from lightning strikes. Tornadoes and high winds can break windows, tear down walls, rip off roofs, and in the worst cases, they can level the entire building. A professional fire and water restoration company has the equipment, experience, and knowledge to handle any storm damage.

Call the Industry Leader in Commercial Storm Restoration

Damage to a business can come in many forms. From fire to flooding to storm damage and everything in between, SERVPRO of Indianapolis East has the experience, equipment, and expertise to make it "Like it never happened." So, whether you have a small store or a multi-building complex, call the commercial restoration, remediation, and cleaning experts at SERVPRO of Indianapolis East at 317-222-5068.

Clean Water, Gray Water, and Black Water

8/3/2022 (Permalink)

This picture shows the three different categories of water. Clean, gray, and black water. SERVPRO of Indianapolis East will help make it "Like it never even happened."

What's the difference between clean water, gray water, and black water? And why are they all bad when it comes to flooding and water damage to an Indianapolis home or business? 

What is Clean Water?

Clean water is water that comes from your faucet or shower head that you can drink safely. It is also considered rainwater or snow melt. Water damage to your home can come from a broken water line, a busted toilet tank, a leaky washer or refrigerator, or rain or snow melt entering your home or basement. While clean water flooding your basement or floors may not cause an immediate health risk, it can quickly evolve into gray water after prolonged contact with building surfaces, materials, and items. This can happen within 48 hours, so it is important to call SERVPRO of Indianapolis East as soon as possible after a flood or water damage. 

What is Gray Water?

Gray water is water that may contain chemicals or contaminants that may be harmful to your health. Gray water can come from the shower and sink drains, the washer drains, the dishwasher drain, and aquariums. Gray water can cause even more damage than clean water and evolve into black water within 48 hours, causing further damage and health risks. 

What is Black Water?

Black water is contaminated water from floodwaters and sewage waters. Black water can come from a flooded river, a backed-up toilet, or a backed-up sewage line in your home. Black water can contain all types of harmful contaminants like bacteria, mold, and viruses that can be highly harmful to humans. Black water can cause diseases and illnesses like cholera, hepatitis, and norovirus. Black water can be hazardous to one's health, and it is imperative to immediately call a professional cleanup team like SERVPRO of Indianapolis East. If the water damage from black water isn't professionally removed, dried out, and cleaned, infections and illnesses can occur from microbes in the air and dust. You must hire professionals with the right tools and processes to ensure a thorough cleanup. 

Time is Not on Your Side

If your home or business suffers water or flooding damage, you need to take immediate steps to dry out the property as quickly as possible. With black water, it is imperative that you call us immediately and not try to clean up the water yourself as this can be very dangerous to your health. Even with gray water, if you are unsure what contaminants may be in the water, it is usually best to rely on professionals, like us, who can test the water, extract the water, and take the appropriate steps to clean the property and ensure there are no health risks from contaminants. Even with clean water, if you do not completely dry the damaged areas, the clean water can quickly turn into gray water, which can turn into black water. 

At SERVPRO of Indianapolis East, we have extensive experience with water and flood damage in homes and businesses in the Indianapolis area. We have the professional equipment, tools, cleaning solutions, and expertise to properly extract the water, dry the property, and make it "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage in Your Indianapolis Home or Business

8/3/2022 (Permalink)

This picture shows the damage to a stairwell after a fire has occured. SERVPRO of Indianapolis can fully restore your home or business.

Even a small fire can be devastating for an Indianapolis home or business. For example, a little grease fire in the kitchen can produce smoke and soot that spreads throughout the house, sticking to everything in its path. The fire damage can be overwhelming, but as long as everyone got out safely, your home or business and all your possessions can usually be replaced or cleaned. 

 What do once the smoke and fire is over?

  • Always check to ensure it's safe to enter the home or business. There could be standing water from the fire department or broken glass on the floors. 
  • Limit movement in the home to prevent soot particles from being embedded into upholstery and carpets. You can make the cleaning process more difficult by walking on the carpets and sitting on the furniture. 
  • If electricity is off, empty freezer and refrigerator and prop doors open. Foods will spoil quickly and can ruin the appliance. 

We specialize in fire and smoke restoration and can quickly access the damage and stop any further damage from happening. For instance, ash and smoke not only leave a strong odor behind but can also cause corrosion and etching that needs to be stopped before it becomes an even bigger problem. 

Things you should NOT do after a fire. 

  • First and foremost, ensure you have permission from the fire department to enter your home after the fire is extinguished. Some fires can damage the structure and make it unsafe to enter.
  • If you have any electronics exposed to fire or smoke, do not try turning them on. Not only could you be electrocuted or cause a new fire, but the smoke and ash could also cause further damage to the internals. We can examine your electronics and determine whether they can be professionally cleaned and restored. 
  • Do not take or use clothes that have smoke odors from the fire. The smells can be transferred to your car's upholstery or the home or place you take them. 
  • Don't try cleaning any walls, surfaces, fabrics, carpets, or furniture, as you could cause further damage. To remove smoke and ash requires specialized cleaning solutions, tools, and processes. It's best to leave everything untouched and wait for us to arrive to assess what can be cleaned and what needs to be replaced.

Who to Call After a Disaster

If you have questions about particular possessions or cleaning processes, we will be happy to answer them. We know a fire can be devastating, and our highly trained restoration specialists will work hard to get your home or business and your life back to normal as quickly as possible. So, call SSRVPRO of Indianapolis East at 317-222-5068, and we will make it "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage in Central Indiana

8/3/2022 (Permalink)

This picture shows a large tree blown onto a house after a storm. Storms can cause heavy damage to your home or business.

Severe storms are common in Indiana, especially during the spring and summertime. While they are usually short-lived and tend to blow through rather quickly, storms can leave a path of destruction for businesses and homes in Indiana. The worst part about severe storms is they have many ways to cause damage in Indiana with very few ways to prevent it. Here are a few of the ways storms can damage your property. 

Damage from heavy storms

As the storms roll through your area, they can release a lot of water in a short amount of time. This quick accumulation of rain can cause flash flooding and overwhelm sump pumps. Flooded basements or water seeping through the basement walls is a common occurrence. With storms causing water damage inside homes and businesses, it’s essential to act quickly to get the water removed and the affected areas dried out. It only takes a short time before stormwater can cause even more damage by promoting mold growth in damp areas. Mold can grow in carpets, drywall, wood framing, furniture, and insulation. It can turn a bad situation into a much worse situation requiring mold remediation.

Damage from Large Hail

Golf ball-sized, baseball-sized, softball-sized...there are many ways to describe the size of the hale, and unfortunately, they are all quite destructive. Hailstorms tend to cause the most damage to cars and roofs. So, it’s not surprising to see dozens of roofing companies installing new shingles after a large hailstorm. Hail usually doesn’t cause further damage besides dents in cars and damaged shingles, but the larger hailstorms can break glass windows and doors and tear up roofs enough to cause water to leak inside.

Damage from Heavy Winds

The summertime seems to be the most popular for storms with heavy winds. They usually run in a vertical line and rip across the state from the west to the east. While they blow through quickly, their winds can reach up to 70+ mph. These damaging winds can tear shingles off roofs, rip trees out of the ground, pull siding off homes, and blow large debris through windows. Once they tear or blast a hole into a home or business, the rains can come inside and cause further damage.

Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Indianapolis, Indiana

If you should experience storm damage to your Indianapolis-area home or business, contact the storm damage cleanup and restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Indianapolis East at 317-222-5068. We have the specialized equipment, professional training, and certifications to clean up, repair quickly, and remediate damage from fire, water, mold, and storms to homes and businesses around central Indiana.

How to Prepare for Winter Storms & Frozen Pipes

2/4/2022 (Permalink)

Equipment SERVPRO of Indianapolis East

The winter season is here and snow and ice can create major issues for you and your home. As we prepare to support you, it’s best for every business and homeowner to review potentially problematic issues.

Whether it’s snow, ice, heating, thawing frozen pipes or unforeseen accidents, the combination of certain elements can destroy your property. Most people will know to be aware of frozen pipes in the house, but other issues may arise. Ice on your roof can prevent proper drainage, if heat isn’t evenly distributed, some areas may freeze, and water in frozen pipes will freeze causing secondary damage to other appliances or household systems.

Here are three preemptive ways to check in on your property.

  1. Insulate Your Roof

The best ice dam prevention solution is to properly insulate your roof. Heat escapes through ceilings and rises to the roof where it warms the wood and shingles above. To prevent this, check the depth of your insulation.

Anything less than 8 inches is usually not enough to prevent heat from escaping, and it's important to use foam or caulk to stop air leaks. This will not only stop roof issues, but it will also save you money on your energy bill.

  1. Remove the Buildup

If you notice a large amount of snow gathering on your roof, you might want to consider eliminating it. Houses that have poor ventilation can also have poor distribution of heat. By removing the snow with a push broom or shovel, you can clear any potential problem areas.

  1. Create Channels in the Ice

Ice dams can force water into your home through the attic. You can stop this by creating channels in the ice and draining the water into the gutters. Use a hose with warm water and melt the lower edge of the ridge. This solution is a temporary fix but could prevent a large amount of winter storm damage.

Winter storms will always be unpredictable and damaging in one way or another. Our only working defense is to focus on potentially preventable tactics.

You do not need to figure out how to prevent pipes from freezing or fix frozen pipes on your own. Feel free to reach out to us at SERVPRO of Indianapolis East for additional information on how to protect your home, we're always here to help!

Water extraction in Indianapolis and what you need to know.

9/2/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded Room SERVPRO of Indianapolis East

When your home has suffered from water damage, it can be a stressful and tense experience. If the damage is severe, you will need to hire professionals to repair and restore your home or business.

That’s where we come in as your highly recommended SERVPRO of Indianapolis, SERVPRO of Indianapolis East with years of experience to help support you. Understanding what to expect from a water damage restoration company can help make the process less overwhelming.

There is no such thing as a small disaster, especially with intrusion of water you can’t see. It can contain bacteria, mold, rot, mold growing, or other unseen damage.

Every water damage restoration project is different. The building (or structure) provides variables that may change with every project, such as the electrical system, type of building materials, or hazardous materials in the building.

The water loss itself provides variables, such as the sanitation of the water, hazardous substances in the water, length of time the water has been in the structure, presence of mold contamination, and mold growth. Take time to identify and resolve safety hazards before proceeding with the project.

Water damage can also affect the value of your property. Before you get out the mop bucket and clean the affected areas yourself, consider how the damage can potentially affect the long-term structure of your home or business.

SERVPRO of Indianapolis East professionals know how disruptive water damage can be for your business and are trained to manage the drying process from start to finish at a pre loss condition. With rapid response time and a full line of water cleanup and restoration services, we can help you regain control quickly, by helping to ensure your facility and its contents are properly dried, deodorized and protected.

When we respond to a call for water damage repair, we have one primary goal: To dry wet building materials and contents items. As restoration professionals, we remove water and moisture from a wet building and return the building to what it was before the loss—before the water intrusion occurred.

Goals of Restorative Drying:

1. Return excessively wet materials to their normal (equilibrium) moisture levels.

2. Reduce the time that materials are excessively wet.

3. Determine the most cost-efficient procedures for drying.

To accomplish these goals, our team controls the airflow, humidity, and temperature to promote drying.

Moisture moves by four mechanical processes.

Liquid flow, air movement, capillary suction, and vapor diffusion.

1. Liquid flow. We most often observe moisture movement as water flows in liquid form. Liquid flow occurs as rainwater leaks through a roof, ground water soaks through a foundation, or water pours from a broken water pipe.

2. Air movement. Moisture in the air is carried by moving air. Air moves from high air pressure areas to low air pressure areas and brings moisture with it.

Moisture moves by airflow through cracks and small openings in a building’s envelope or as air pressure moves moist air through a chimney. Moisture and air moving from outside a building to the inside is called infiltration; moisture and air moving from inside to the outside is called exfiltration.

3. Capillary suction. Liquid moisture can move through a narrow pathway due to contact between the moisture and the surface of the path. Capillary suction allows liquid moisture to move through the pores of porous materials.

4. Vapor diffusion. Water vapor moves as a gas through materials. Water vapor moves from areas of high vapor pressure to areas of low vapor pressure.

Whether moisture moves through a material by vapor diffusion depends on whether differences in vapor pressure exist across the material. How fast moisture moves by vapor diffusion depends on how permeable the material is.

Before you risk any further damage and potentially the long term value of your property, call us as your local water damage, flood damage, fire damage, smoke damage, and cleaning services professional at  SERVPRO of Indianapolis East.

What Is the Job of a Water Damage Restoration Company?

9/2/2021 (Permalink)

Bathroom water damage SERVPRO of Indianapolis East

Restoration companies are some of the first responders when a home has been damaged by fire or floods, excessive water damage, or other major catastrophes. The ultimate job of a restoration company is to clean up the damage, remove it from the property and to preserve and protect the home so that it and the contents within it do not suffer from further damage.

Restoration companies are brought in to repair your home or business back to its original condition. When hiring a water damage restoration company, you'll want to ensure you have a clear understanding of the process as they restore your property.

Your Insurance & the Restoration Company

After your property has suffered a major event and subsequent damage, you will want to contact your insurance agent. Be sure to review your responsibilities with your insurance agent and what is required by your insurance policy for cleaning up the home to prevent any additional damage. You will want to discuss any questions you may have at this time.

Your agent may provide referrals within the area, but you are allowed to contact a water restoration company on your own. 

When choosing a water damage restoration company, be sure they have proper certifications, fully licensed and have at least a few years of experience in the water damage restoration industry. Make sure you are working with a company you can trust; your property is in their hands after all. One of the benefits of working with SERVPRO of Indianapolis East is the national reputation of SERVPRO. SERVPRO franchises and employees are held to a high standard of training and experience before they move forward with any restoration job. Our strict training guidelines and experience rebuilding homes over the years continues to reflect our dedication to all our customers.

The Process Once the Water Damage Restoration Company Arrives

Here's how you should proceed once the water damage restoration company arrives. 

Once we arrive, we will walk the property with you as we discuss the affected areas. There may be some issues that were initially overlooked, so as we examine the area, we can identify all potential problems and solutions specific to your property.

Our team will be evaluating what will be needed in terms of time, work and equipment to clean and restore your home. We will provide you an estimate for those services once we review. 

Some Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Restoration Company

Reputable restoration companies will be IICRC certified. IICRC stands for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. It is a non-profit organization that offers certification programs and standards for the restoration industry.

In order to be IICRC certified, the restoration company must have proof of insurance, maintain a written customer complaint policy with follow-up on complaints, and provide the technicians with education and training to become certified.

Companies may also be members of the Restoration Industry Association (RIA). The RIA is a trade association for cleaning and restoration professionals. In addition to education and training, the trade association offers technical support and several certifications for technicians.

Here's a quick review of how to proceed when water damage strikes your home or business:

1. Be sure to choose a restoration company with an excellent reputation that have been around for at least a few years.

2. Check that your restoration company is IICRC Certified

3. Read the contract carefully and be sure to keep your own copy

4. If a problem occurs, make sure you contact your restoration company right away

5. Check with your insurance company on what is expected of you following a major loss.

6. For any insurance coverage questions, be sure you get answers in writing from your insurance company claims adjuster.

7. Remember that it is important to act fast to prevent further damage from water or flooding. This is to prevent things like mold from growing. Delays can end up costing you much more in the end in terms of recovery, salvage, and reconstruction.

8. Make sure repairs to your home are done promptly after the cleanup service occurs.

We understand how devastating a damage event can be. Ensure your property is in good hands and call us at SERVPRO of Indianapolis East, your SERVPRO team. We do not just clean up and remove the damage, we specialize in restoring your property to its original condition and making it "Like it never even happened."